Gleeson Testimonial

May 17, 2016


Peter Doggett was commissioned to design our home in North Beach, Western Australia.  We were immediately impressed with his architectural knowledge, design aesthetic and innovation.

Working with Peter was a fantastic experience and one that we would happily repeat if given the opportunity.  We believe Peter added true creative value to our vision and without his design input, our home would have never reached its full potential.  Peter follows a strong, detailed and collaborative design process which we feel is extremely important when designing your forever home.  An architect who actively listens to their Client is key to a good working relationship and Peter does not disappoint in this area.  He was always available and extremely solutions focussed.  Unfortunately Tony had to relocate overseas during the construction for a 12 month period.  Peter took the reins and became our ‘eyes on the ground’ which was invaluable to us because of his high level of building and construction knowledge and experience.

When blending a large family like ours, it was important to make this unique and large home feel warm and welcoming.  Peter achieved all this and more through his creative thinking and remarkable design.  Part of the build utilised a fairly uncommon material in rammed limestone which Peter had not worked with before.  Through detailed research and an innovative approach, Peter melded building materials extremely well and achieved an outstanding aesthetic to the home both inside and out.  Even more important to us than the aesthetic, was how well each space functions and feels, and now, living in the home, we can honestly say Peter has hit the mark for us.  We love our home – it fits us perfectly!

Peter brought an eco focus to our design which was brilliant as we all had similar views on the environment and utilising solar passive design where possible.  Peter is an engaging and very passionate architect who is well educated in various building materials, Australian Standards and requisite Council guidelines.

We highly recommend Peter Doggett as an outstanding Architect who creates unique, remarkable and highly coveted homes.

Toni and Sammi Gleeson 17/5/2016

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