Ross Cooperwhite

January 22, 2016

Peter Doggett Architect undertook the design of our family home on West Coast Drive Marmion. From the very first meeting my wife and I were impressed with his intimate knowledge of the northern coastal corridor and the elements that we should consider in our build together with how best we should utilise our corner block. Our block offered panoramic ocean views but privacy was a prime design brief concern and through clever angles, cantilevered elements, consideration of shade, glass and external finishes we were able to fully maximise views whilst maintaining privacy to our entertaining areas inclusive of our front courtyard pool. Throughout the build he was always looking to take advantage of opportunities that presented themselves as the build progressed. As a builder myself I found this to be a positive experience as often some of the best ideas come about during the build. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a house that looks outside the conventional ideas. He has few peers.

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