Nola and Greg Costello

April 3, 2019

Peter Doggett was engaged to design our new home in Sorrento. This was a big step for us. Initially, we had engaged another party to prepare preliminary plans for the renovation of our existing home. At this point, we contacted Peter for advice. During this process Peter convinced us of the merits of demolishing our existing home and building a new home even though this would involve a significant increase in our budget.

Key to this process were Peter’s views with respect to how we could maximise the benefits of our existing site that could not be achieved if we were to proceed with renovating the existing home. Peter guided us through a detailed process whereby we maximised potential for ocean views, natural light, external landscaping and necessary privacy – all key components in our specification. Kim Doggett guided us skilfully through selection and ordering of interior and exterior fittings and finishings. During this process we were impressed with their passion for architecture and design and the way they engaged with us in a detailed collaborative process.

In working with Peter and Kim we were aware that we would not be able to engage their full services for the construction period due to a pending commission in the UK that would involve them being away from Perth for a year. Due to these circumstances their agreed involvement was to design, submit necessary development approvals advise on working drawings, supervise building tender and advise on selection of builder. This was all achieved in a timely manner so that our builder was selected after a tender process with Peter and Kim being able to communicate extensively with our selected builder prior to departure for the UK. We were also able to communicate frequently with Peter and Kim while they were in the UK on any issues arising during the building process.

After living in our new home for a year our verdict is that all of the hard work and decision-making has been worthwhile. With the assistance of Peter and Kim we have an outstanding and uniquely designed home that we absolutely love living in. Importantly, Peter and Kim were always aware of budget and we have the satisfaction of knowing our hard earned capital has been well spent. Peter and Kim come with our highest recommendation.

Nola and Greg Costello